How you can change your MT4 (MetaTrader4)

MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform allows you can add custom changes to your charts, few get itchy or dry eyes after looking that there trading charts for hours on end.

After login in you online trading platform MT4 you will be presented with a default chart with grid, black background, and bright, green bars.

How you can personalize MT4 platform trading charts.

Changing your color background avoid bright colors,

Steps on how to select your color scheme:

  • Right click anywhere in the chart select properties at the bottom.
  • Select the different color schemes available.
  • (Black on white)
  • (Bull candlesticks) change to green
  • (Bear candlesticks) change to red

Common Tab:

  • Show OLHC
  • Show ASK line
  • Check show spread
  • Uncheck Grid

Click on OK to apply the steps.

MT4 Platform Short Cuts Keys

  • CTRL+G: Toggle between displaying or hiding the grid
  • CTRL+Y: Toggle between displaying or hiding the period separator
  • CTRL+F: Toggle between displaying or hiding the crosshairs
  • F8: Open chart properties window
  • F9: Open the trade window
  • CTRL+N: Hide/Close Navigation window
  • CTRL+M: Hide/Close Market watch window
  • CTRL+I: Opens the indicators window that are applied to the chart
  • ALT+1: Switch to OHLC Bar Chart
  • ALT+2: Switch to Candlestick Chart
  • ALT+3: Switch to Line chart
  • +/-: Zoom in or out of the chart
  • F11: Full screen charts
  • CTRL+T: Show/Hide the terminal window

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