How to increase your forex trading earning potential.

forex trading earning potential

We at Forex Driven love to share goodies and freebies, we have reviewed a way for forex trading earning potential there are guidelines that show you how to become a profitable trader, with forex returns monthly.


Here are ways in becoming a profitable online trader.

What is the monthly forex earnings potential of the average online Forex trader?


forex trading earning potential All of us had an unclear expectation on our first month, my expected forex trading earning potential was $10 000 a month, little did I know that the financial markets do not really work like that, I was greedy and ended up losing my $3000 I initially deposited.

If your using a accurate trading strategy your earning potential is almost limitless, holding trades for a long time in profits is the best trading plan ever I call it long range trading.

Sculpt trading you open and close your trades for short terms, and sometime this does not grantee you with long pip movements.


Fear and Greediness can minimize your earning Potential.


forex trading earning potential Unexperienced traders sometimes do not know how to use there leverage to get greater earning potential, few are discouraged by fear of opening a trade and once the trade is in negative they become unsure if the opened position will go into profit.




  • Greediness of using big lot size in a small account, lack of money management skills.
  • Fear of not entering the markets at the correct entry point, because you might have took a huge knock with a huge lot size.
  • Not having patience to wait for the perfect entry – not analysing enough of the markets, looking for the perfect entry point. You should not just jump straight in the market.

You should not trade without proper support and guidance, the right trading strategy will help you generate a lot of pips at the end of each month +- 1300 Pips is good profits.


Insufficient back testing and system hopping from one trading strategy to the next.


Profitable traders always have an accurate strategy to find the perfect entry point even if they have to hold your trade for over 8 days in profit, If you want to become a profitable trader you should trust in you strategy and keep to it if it works well.

forex trading earning potential Back testing is the back bone of forex trading all consistent profitable trader back test before entering a trade, this minimizes risks of entering early.

When you trade you should risk only 6%-10% of your balance/equity available.

Average online traders have to working on one thing; consistency becoming consistent at trading is not easy it take a lot of work and understanding of the market.

Best way is to get a forex trading mentor that can help you maximize your forex trading earning potential in a few months with their support and guidance you can start becoming consistence at trading.


Warning risk

Trading Forex, Binary and CFDs involves substantial risk and can result in the loss of your initial invested capital.

Trading brings a high level of risk and may not be appropriate for all investors. You should fully understand the risks involved.

Never risk more than what you are prepared to lose.