forex markets

Trading Technics in the forex markets

forex markets

Every day the forex markets provides us with a lot of trading opportunities and that leads to earn money.

Any regular trader knows that the most important thing in the forex market is the entry the placed you open a trading passion.

Back testing and working to perfect your strategy will develop your trading skill.

Trend hunter


forex markets

You need to know how to make the perfect entry and take the maximum profit from the market trend?

How can I concurrently grind effortlessly in the forex markets and consistently work and enjoy the pleasure of trading the financial markets?

daytrading account is not the easiest thing you can do as an beginner or intermediate trader.

You can do anything just don’t limit yourself. The new generation has trading tools, indicators, instruments work for it and it will be done.

Backtest forex software with demo accounts also backtesting forex trading strategies can help develop a strong trading system.

Accounts types in the forex markets


When coming to choosing the right trading account for your kind of trading market, it can be

  • Bitcoin Trading,
  • Crypto currency trading,
  • forex pairs,
  • indices,
  • commodities
  • cfd’s , equities
  • Precious Metals,
  • shares, Bonds.


forex markets


So making the right selection when coming to options trading account is very essential when you select your trading account, here are different types of account you can get out there on the financial market:

VIP/Premium Account

Depending on your trading balance vip premium account holders get extra special treatment from their brokers and rewards programs, brokers even tell the traders when to enter markets and when not to trade.


Standard Account

Most commonly found account in the forex markets is the STD account, this account gains you acces to standard lot sizes.


ECN Account

ECN or know as Electronic Communication Network this can be best described as a bringing link between the smaller market participants there is no middle man, just you as a trader and the ECN Broker direct trading will takes place.


Micro Account

Mini account or micro account is recommended for micro caps acc, You mostly use less than 0.10 lot. Micro forex accounts offer similar trading conditions as the as STP accounts.


Islamic Account

Islamic account do not charge you swap fees for holding trades over night. Riba is a concept in Islamic banking that refers to charged interest.


Shares Account

You have an option of selecting a share trader that trades for you, all you need to do is invest funds into your account.


Cent Account

A thin line between live and demo account, cent account $10 is equivalent to 1000c the great thing about this account is that if you are a newbie you get a chance to withdraw your profits.


Demo Account

Demo accounts for forex trading you can use a demo account to back-test your trading strategy, you can also down load demo account metatrader 4 and practice.

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