What is coinhive?


Mining cryptocurrencies became easier using your browser coinhive has developed a javaScript miner for Monero Blockchain this can also be embedded in any website using code. Miners have an option to mine the cryptocurrency directly on their internet browser and start mining XMR Monero cryptocurrency this mining page does not have any ad (adverts) you can also mine in-game currency.

The company also has a captcha-like services as well as a short link solution you can easily embed in any website. There is no cryptocoin browser extension for blockchain miners such as coinhive.


How does coinhive work?

Ultimately this means you’re pushing users (miners) to “solve” a Captcha. They need to click the “Verify Me” button, then the JavaScript API uses the user’s CPU power for a short-term.

The API JavaScript gives flexibility that offers maximizing in rewards and incentives payments you will like.


coinhive javascript

Cunning web crypto-cash miner coinhive back to the drawing board as blockers move in miners mine XMR Monero cryptocurrency conveniently on the browser.

If you are experiencing malware problems there are sites that can help you to remove malware on coinhive site your web-browsers could be mining cryptocurrencies secretly and securely from strangers.


Is it legit or a scam?

You can also leave a comment in the section below. Most users or review on other websites say coinhive is a legit cryptomining website that is continent for first time miners.

New site to mine XMR / monero on your PC it is very easy to get started and do the mining process yourself.

coinhive monero

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and some e-commerce sites and retail store are accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of a purchase for goods and services.

The biggest Cryptocoin participant is Bitcoin now there are newcomers such as Monero and Ethereum | ripple | bytecoin

Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin Gold | Dash

Litecoin | IOTA | Zcash

Mining cryptocurrency mining has become a hot industry due to the fact that Bitcoin is now valued at $17 000 for one coin powerful dedicated mining hardware or by utilizing graphics cards’ parallel computing power. Recently browser cryptocoin mining has taken off there are many reasons why this is changing the face of the world.


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